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October 23, 2014


Gettysburg Vignettes

Diana Loski

October 23, 2014

DianaLoskiDiana Loski will be relating Gettysburg Vignettes she has come across during research for her magazine, The Gettysburg Experience.

Some of the people who will be discussed include Lieutenant Don Gordon from Georgia, and how a Confederate father and a Union doctor brought him home from Gettysburg. Don Gordon died after the battle on July 2, 1863, and asked his best friend and fellow Confederate soldier to see that he was buried at home. His journey back to Georgia is well worth telling. Another is the story of Colonel Samuel McCartney Jackson of the 30th Pennsylvania, his fight in the Wheatfield, and how his grandson, the actor James Stewart, was inspired by his grandfather’s courage at Gettysburg – and went on to become a brigadier general and fighter pilot during World War II. Still another is Nellie Aughinbaugh, a civilian that no one ever mentions. Her story of Gettysburg is one of the most vivid and humane ever recorded.

Did you know that Longstreet’s spy Harrison was NOT an actor, and actually did fight in a Mississippi regiment before being recruited as an agent – and after the war he disappeared for 27 years? He was ever elusive, but we have found him. His grave in Kentucky – but that’s not where he ended his days.

These stories and others are all part of my presentation – because the humanity is what we remember and learn from in the most trying of times.

Loski recently wrote the book A Gettysburg Collection, which includes some of the stories she will be talking about during her presentation. Copies will be available for purchase.

Diana Loski has been a published writer, specializing in history and biography, for twenty years. With eight ancestors who fought in the American Civil War (seven Union and one Confederate), she naturally has an intense interest in that conflict. One ancestor, Eli Frame of the 1st Kentucky Volunteer Regiment, was in attendance at Ford’s Theatre the night of the Lincoln assassination.

Diana served as a licensed battlefield guide at Gettysburg National Military Park, from 1998-2006. She and her husband, Leonard, publish The Gettysburg Experience, a local Gettysburg magazine, from 1997 to the present.
She and her husband live just a few miles south of Little Round Top, in Littlestown, Pennsylvania. They have four children, and four grandchildren.


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November 20, 2014
Gail Stephens


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